In Real Estate, there are 3 main ways a buyer will find your listing

In real estate there are 3 main ways a buyer will find your and make the first connection. Home staging will affect the first impression in each of the methods mentioned.

Online Sites

Home staging properties before putting the listing information online will ensure the photographs support the buyer’s decision to set up a viewing appointment. In fact, in most cases, beautiful professional photographs will be the first "great" impression needed to begin the attraction between a property and its buyer. The viewing will then confirm the first impression has merit.

Feature sheet

Buyers who work with a Real Estate Professional will give their criteria for what they are looking for in a home and the Real Estate Professional will then weed through different properties, emailing or faxing the "good ones" to the buyer before setting up appointments. It is here the feature sheet must go through approval from both the real estate professional and the buyer.  It is also at this stage where, if you are a real estate professional who has a reputation of always having properties that "show well", your properties will likely be first on the list for the homeowner to approve; and the Real Estate professional can feel confident they are not going to waste either their own or their clients time.  Feature sheets contain complete detailed information of the property being sold to include Beautiful photos!

Curb Appeal

"For Sale" signs attract attention. Be sure the message the property is projecting to drive-bys is one that will generate a call for an appointment to view.

Do not wait until the last minute to showcase the outside. MONARCH HOME STAGING® will provide valuable tips and techniques for the exterior of the property to turn "drive-by's" into "walk-ins."

: Canadian Staging Professionals/resource center

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Ten Reasons Real Estate Agents
Should Include a CSP™ in
Their Marketing Plans for 2010
  1. With a CSP™ on your team you increase your opportunities of securing more listings and revenue.
  2. With a CSP™ you position yourself as an innovative marketer - one who stays on top of the Real Estate Industry.
  3. Including the services of a CSP™ in your marketing plans provides a leveraging tool to help stay ahead in a highly competitive industry.
  4. Save money by not having to spend dollars repeatedly marketing a listing not ready for sale - A staged listing moves quickly. With a CSP™ on your team you will have access to additional marketing exposure for your listing on the public CSP™ website and the Monarch Home Staging website.
  5. A CSP™ staged home shows better than an un-staged property- you have beautiful photos to attract more buyers in print and on MLS listings. More serious Buyers and increases opportunity for more bids.
  6. Real Estate Agents who use a CSP™ reduce stressful situations -they have a 3rd party to tell the homeowner what should be done to prepare the home for sale  tactfully and diplomatically - Including odors, depersonalizing and helping target the market for a buyer.
  7. CSP™ graduates are bound by the CSP™ Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics so Real Estate Agents can expect honor and excellence.
  8. A trained CSP™ graduate has participated in the most intensive staging training program available. Offered only by North American™s leading Staging Training Association - all graduates are provided continuing support and an optional Apprentice Program.
  9. With your expertise in pricing and a trained CSP™ ensuring the staged home has no wiggle room for Buyer to chip away at the asking price!
  10. Staging is all about FIRST IMPRESSIONS yours and the house.  Impress your next client by offering the services of a Karen Fahey of MONACH HOME STAGING® a Certified Staging Professional™
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